Underpinning all that we have done here at Woodfordia is a foundation of enthusiastic givers of their time, talents and energy towards the greater goals of creating an organisation that makes a difference in the world. Our reason for engaging you as Citizens of Woodfordia is to continue that tradition, to build a greater network of passionate and informed Woodfordians that will help us with our sometimes lofty and idealistic dreams. We suffer from pathological optimism and we hope it’s contagious. Below is a summary of the sessions planned for the day – our hope is that you’ll find something that you can lend your head, hands and heart to.

Active Organisers Meeting

Calling all department heads, key offsiders and staff! This year, thanks to the magnificent addition of the Lake in Season, there are MANY changes to be discussed. We’ve also got some fascinating findings after our data mining mission into last year’s cancellations, a workshop to plan how the volunteers will be involved in the Welcome Ceremony, and then a detailed look at the changes in traffic and camping.

Programme of Events

10:00am Registration

11:00am Department Heads & Key Offsiders Meeting

12 noon Lunch

1:00pm Parliamentary Welcome and General Update

1:30pm Tree Sessions and Party Meetings

3:00pm Mad Hatters’ Tea Party

3:30pm Playtime

5:00pm Bar opens

6:30pm Dinner

8:00pm 34th Official Programme Launch

Parliamentary Parties and Tree Sessions

The Access Party

The party will be looking intently at how people with disabilities can engage with the new traffic and camping plans caused by the introduction of the new lake in Season.

Propaganda Party

Your ideas have been brilliant (keep em coming!)  This Citizens Day we will be putting our ideas into action. We’ll further the roll out of our propaganda campaign and with the LAUNCH of the Programme we are READY! We need more Propagandaists – does this sound like you? Come and assist in creating a treasure box of essential resources for our Propagandaists to thrive in their mission of distributing our programmes and posters far and wide.

Citizenship Party

Are you proactive and full of creativity? Yet hands on and ready to help the project move forward? Then join the Woodfordia Citizenship Party and contribute to shaping the future of the Woodfordian Citizenship project. This time, we’ll be brainstorming ideas on what could be included in a Woodfordia stall for the Woodford Folk Festival.

Renewable Energy Party

Things are happening in the renewable energy space at Woodfordia and the party will be looking at planning into what happens at the festival and beyond, focusing on fundraising for the renewable energy and solar project.

The Lake Party

It’s getting close now. Lake Gula is happening and there’s a lot of rules and regulations about how we operate it to be discussed. Join in the discussion to build a beautiful culture around Lake Gula’s management and use.

The Money Tree

We’re still shakin’ that ol’ money tree. Come along and find out how the Perpetual Fund is tracking and throw your hat in the ring of “Big Ideas/Small Steps”.

The Party Party

Would you like to contribute to the best parts of our citizen’s days? If you have ideas to ignite creativity and entertain then the Party Party is for you.Lets build our citizen’s day mornings and afternoon playtime with good old Woodfordian fun. Come along to our meeting, bring your notes, we want to hear them all. Let’s work together to make these catch up weekends a must do on our Woodfordian calendar.

School for Woodfordia Party

Enthusiasm for a school at Woodfordia continues and ideas are bedding down. It’s almost time for the development of a business plan.

The Jumble Tree

The Jumble is a new exciting bar established as part of the Woodford Folk festival programme this year. There are some fantastic and ambitious ideas that people will be able to contribute to.  We’re also looking for citizens willing to scrounge around op shops and scavenge in your neighbourhood kerbside clean-up for treasures. Join in the treasure hunt if you dare.

The Lyceum Party

A move towards Woodfordia establishing a tertiary arm is proceeding. Those with an academic bent are invited to join in the conversation. There are good things happening in this space.

Governance Party

Consideration is being given to the establishment of a Woodfordian Council of Elders. What is it called? The Folkloreates (aka the Lorekeets). This will be an important structural change in recognition of longtime Woodfordians.



The workshops continue for those that wish to learn the official language of Woodfordia from the original egman, Begill Hegauregitz. It’s amazing how easy it is to learn (for some, that is), and then, you’ll be able to wow your next Tinder date with phrases like “Egi thegink yegou ega gegorgegous”.


Who knew that throwing sticks of wood at blocks of wood could be so fun? A game for all ages and abilities, that requires a modicum of skill but mostly a generous dash of good luck for hitting those blocks down. Come get Scandanavian with us.

WOODFORDIA BOOK CLUB – The Honeymoon Effect by Bruce Lipton

Join us for the Woodfordia Bookclub where we will be discussing Bruce Liptons latest work ‘The Honeymoon Effect, The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth’. A renowned developmental biologist and leader in bridging science and spirit, Lipton covers the influence of quantum physics, biochemistry and psychology in creating and sustaining loving relationships. Join us as we dissect and discuss big ideas around love, collective consciousness and how you can reprogram your beliefs for the better.
Bruce Lipton will be speaking at the Grande on 1st January at 9:45am on Millennials: Architects of a New Civilisation.


With the introduction of a “Volunteers March Past” element to this year’s Welcome Ceremony, we need all Build Department Heads to come together to work on their dept logo – no artistic skills required (we have Gavin for that!). Come with ideas of what could be your department’s special brand and we’ll see if we (Gav) can make that a reality.


Winner Takes All! 1st Prize: A night out with Bill Hauritz. 2nd Prize: Two nights out with Bill Hauritz. (NB – prize offerings subject to change)


You are welcome to camp on site and can arrive anytime from Friday morning (come early if you feel like helping setup). Please camp in the northern camping area as amenities blocks will be stocked and the showers will be hot in this area,

The boom gate code is 54194.

It gets quite cool at night so we will have some fires. Please bring your blankets and warm clothes to keep you warm in the evenings.

In the unlikely event of a major medical emergency, call 000 then contact Richard (Site Manager) on 0427 413 629 so he can organise entry for any emergency services vehicles needing access to the site.